Think Together Values

    • Be accountable to our mission
    • Service above self
    • Treat others with dignity and respect
    • Open and honest communication
    • Collaborate internally and externally
    • Honor our commitments
    • Embrace diversity
    • Be humble
    • Persevere
    • Enjoy the journey and have fun!


  • Registration Form
  • Enrollment is open to any child attending the school in which THINK Together operates.  The program will begin on the first day of school and operates from when the school day ends to 6:00 p.m. every day that the school day is in session.  For your children to participate in a THINK Together Program, the following steps must be taken:

    1.  Complete and submit an Intent to Apply form online.

    2.  If invited, attend a Parent Orientation and/or meet with the THINK Together staff. 

    3.  Complete and submit a THINK Together Enrollment Application, which is available in the school front office.

    4.  Review the THINK Together Parent-Student Handbook.


Think Flyer

About Think

  • Our district partners with Think Together to bring programs that support learning in and out of school.

    The Think Together afterschool program is offered every day that classes are in session, from dismissal until 6:00pm. Students engage in fun activities that bolster their knowledge and skills in English, Math, STEM, Arts and healthy youth development. A trained Think Together employee helps students with homework and leads academic, enrichment and physical activities for groups of 20 kids.

    Think Together is a nonprofit organization that partners with schools to change the odds for kids. Their vision is a community where all kids get a great education that prepares them for college and career.  Visit to learn more.

    Nuestro distrito colabora con Think Together para brindar programas que apoyan el aprendizaje dentro y fuera de las escuelas.

    El programa después de clases de Think Together se ofrece cada día escolar, hasta las 6:00 de la tarde. Los estudiantes participan en actividades divertidas que refuerzan sus conocimientos y habilidades en las materias de inglés, STEAM (ciencias, tecnología, ingeniería y matemática), artes y salud. Empleados capacitados de Think Together ayudan a los estudiantes con sus tareas y llevan a cabo actividades académicas y de educación física para grupos de 20 estudiantes.

    Think Together es una organización sin fines de lucro que colabora con escuelas para cambiar el destino de los niños. Nuestra visión es tener una comunidad donde todos los niños obtengan una educación que los prepare para la universidad y carrera. Visite para más información.