About Sierra High School

  • Sierra High School is a fully accredited California Model Continuation High School serving students 16 years of age and older. Although some students are placed at Sierra for disciplinary reasons, most are placed because they are behind in credits and need specialized attention within an alternative educational environment.  Students may also choose Sierra as an alternative to attending a comprehensive high school.  Sierra High School is on a trimester system which allows students to enroll in up to six courses each session.  Students may earn up to 90 credits per year, giving them an increased opportunity to earn the 220 credits required for a high school diploma.  In addition to full time enrollment at Sierra, students may earn additional credits through the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) and through the Azusa Adult School.

    Central to the school’s philosophy is the belief that provided a personalized, caring, and enriched environment students will develop to their fullest potential.  The ultimate goal of Sierra High School is to develop a person who is willing to accept and display the responsibilities of good citizenship and to perform satisfactorily as a contributing member of our society.


  • Sierra High School is a place where students have a second opportunity to achieve academic success. To bring this aspiration into reality we: Model and Build Good Relationships, Develop Skills and Knowledge, & Foster Independent Thinking in a Safe Environment.


  • Sierra High School is an alternative education program that provides a personalized, enriched, and varied environment that enables students to develop their full potential. With collaboration of a caring staff and support of their family and community, students will graduate with strong vision for a successful future.