COVID-19 Dashboard

  • To ensure our community is provided with the most recent and accurate information this dashboard provides daily updates on the total number of active confirmed COVID-19 cases identified among staff and students participating in in-person instruction and activities on AUSD campuses. All active cases are isolated while monitoring symptoms and awaiting PCR test results and therefore do not pose any ongoing threat of spread to others attending school.

    The dashboard data may not match the number of notifications sent to a specific school or department. Notifications are sent when a positive test is reported, while the data dashboard will be updated based on official confirmation of COVID-19 status following further investigation.

    It’s important to note the 'Total Cases' column reflects cases reported since August 2nd including the current active cases for the week. 

      Included on Dashboard

        • Current ACTIVE cases identified by a positive test (Rapid Antigen or PCR) for individuals who reported in-person to a school or worksite in the District on a specific day.
        • A transparent snapshot of the current ACTIVE cases known as of the date the dashboard is visited. Data may change based on results of thorough investigations, additional testing, and completed quarantines. 
        • A report of NUMBERS of active cases only, which protects the privacy of individuals.
        • A current record of ACTIVE cases known as of the date shown. There may be a delay in the posting of data while its accuracy is verified.

      Not Included On Dashboard

        • It is not a record of people quarantined based on close contact with a known positive COVID-19 case. Possible exposure does not equate to COVID-19 infection.
        • It is not an indicator of COVID-19 spreading on school campuses. Our isolation and quarantine protocols are designed to prevent the spread of the disease. Identified COVID-19 infections reported may have originated outside of our schools and are stopped from spreading in the community because of our identification protocols.
        • It is not inclusive of students on independent study.

      COVID Notifications

      • In the event there is a confirmed positive case, all identified close contacts will be notified directly by their school, district staff, or the school’s health aide, and they will receive instructions on quarantine, symptom monitoring, and testing, as appropriate. Families of students who are not affected and staff who are not affected will receive a general notification letter and no action will be required.



      What if I test Positive?

      • The following process occurs in the case of a positive COVID-19 test of a student or staff member:
        • The student (student’s family) or staff member with a positive COVID test result reports to their school site (student) or immediate supervisor (staff) a positive COVID test result.
        • Appropriate contact tracing is initiated.
        • COVID notifications are sent when applicable 

        If a student or staff member has symptoms of COVID, they should report the symptoms to their school site (student) or immediate supervisor (staff) and arrange to take a COVID test. They should not come to school or work until the test results are in and until they have been symptom-free for at least 24 hours. 

        If you have any questions or need guidance on reporting, please contact your school site (students) or your immediate supervisor/Human Resources (staff). 

      Vaccination FAQs

      • Is there a vaccine requirement for students?
        The vaccine is not currently required for students. After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants full approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for children, the State of California plans to require students to be vaccinated against the coronavirus to attend schools in person. The vaccine mandate would begin with the school term after the vaccines have full approval from the FDA for the designated grade span (K-6 and 7-12).

        Will students be required to get vaccinated now that a vaccine has emergency approval from the FDA?
        No. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has authorized vaccination for the age group 5 through 11 years after the FDA’s emergency approval of a vaccine. The vaccine will not be mandated by the State of California until after the FDA gives full approval. We do not expect full implementation of this mandate until at least July 2022.

        What authority does AUSD have with regard to public health mandates?
        School districts, including AUSD, have no authority over state public health mandates. As a public institution, under current laws, the District is obligated to follow orders issued by the California Department of Public Health.

        Does this apply to private schools as well?
        Yes, all K-12 public and private schools in California must comply with the mandate. This does not apply to preschool.

        Are teachers and school staff currently required to be vaccinated?
        School employees are currently required to prove they have been vaccinated or to test weekly. 

        When the State mandates the vaccine for students will there be any exceptions?
        This is up to the State. Typically, there are three types of exemptions to vaccination mandates.

        1. Medical reasons 
        2. Personal reasons
        3. Religious beliefs.