Independent Study Parent Notification

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Overview Of The Independent Study Program

  • In addition to in-person instruction, the District will offer an Independent Study Program (ISP) as an alternative to in-person instruction for students whose health may be put at risk by attending class face-to-face. ISP is an educational program that will provide instruction based on the state-adopted content standards by certificated teachers.

    TK-6 Grade Students
    TK-6 students will receive 60-plus minutes of daily synchronous instruction from a certificated teacher and live academic and social/emotional support from the teacher and other support staff.

    7-12 Grade Students
    7-12 students will be enrolled in Apex, the District’s online curriculum, and receive weekly synchronous instruction and live academic and social/emotional support from a certificated teacher and support staff.

    The Learning Agreement
    The conditions and expectations of ISP will be outlined in the student’s written Learning Agreement, which must be reviewed and signed prior to enrollment. Please click here to submit any additional questions you may have! All questions will be answered through our FAQ section on this page.

What's New?

  • Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

    Students on an IEP will need to have a meeting held in order to consider the Independent Study Program as part of the student's IEP. Parents/guardians, please contact your student's school site to get information on the Independent Study Program and to request an IEP meeting.

    TK-6 Students
    For the most current information on Mr. Wilson Villanueva's Independent Study class please see his informational website:

    7-8 Students
    Please respond to the email inquiry that was sent to each student to confirm if their ALVS login is up and running.

    9-12 Students
    Once your student's Master Contract has been submitted, parents/guardians will be contacted by their highs school staff (counselor or administrator) to go over introductory information and the APEX program.



  • When do students begin the Independent Study Program?

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  • How are assignments turned in?

  • How long will elementary students be taught on a daily basis?

  • Can the Program provide Chromebooks?

  • How and when would I know if my child is enrolled in the Independent Study Program?

  • Is Independent Studies also offered for students part of Dual Immersion?

  • What supplies are students going to need for this program?

  • Where can you find the Learning Agreement to sign?