Mission Statement

  • Center Middle School Music Program will provide all students with a comprehensive, standards-based music education.

    Our mission is to develop students into lifelong music participants who can intelligently engage in a wide variety of music.

    We encourage knowledge and appreciation of music, which engages the minds and enriches the lives of all students.

    The study of music fosters artistic development, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and the pursuit of life-long learning. Through performing and responding to music, all students develop individual skills, realize a sense of belonging, and establish connections to the community.

Center Middle School Music Program

  • Center Middle School Music Program offers three courses for any student that is interested in joining.


    For musicians, we offer Concert Band to help build upon their musical knowledge.

    For interested musicians, we have the Beginning Guitar where they will receive the skills and knowledge to build their musical foundation.

    For those students who desire to sing, we also have the Choir where students learn to sing various styles and learn to create music.

Donations & Fundraisers

  • On behalf of Center Middle School’s Music Program, I would like to thank you for your support of your child and our school. We rely on the support of our fundraisers and generous donors. We appreciate your efforts and support to help give our students the best possible musical
    experience and education.

    The money raised from fundraisers and donations will help support the music program’s costs not covered by the school budget. These include activities, improvements, instrument repairs, instrument purchases, music repertoire, and other fees associated with a successful music program.
    We also need volunteers to help with events throughout the year. Please inform the music the director if you are available to volunteer your time or if you wish to give a monetary donation. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Music Director.

    Thank you again for your continued support!