5 Year School Reorganization Planning Team

  • The school reorganization team will serve a critical role in advising and providing feedback on potential school reorganization plans that are developed. All final decisions on school reorganization will be made by the Board of Education.
    The reorganization team will meet from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM on the dates listed below. All meetings will be available for the public to view via Zoom or the AUSD YouTube channel. 

The Team

  • The school reorganization team consists of parents, bargaining unit members, principals, and district administrators. The team members are: Amber Fish, Anthony Contreras, Antonio Flores, Diana Ochoa, Diana Rojas, Edna Rodgers, Gabriel Fernandez, Kim Tse, Laurie Wray, Luz Fields, Marji Aveson. Mayra Rico, Melissa Wilson, Patricia Loera, Patricia Sanchez, Rena Galvez, Kimberly Rios, Sofia Verduzco, Jennie Pielstick, Leslie Jones, Megan Savella, Arturo Ortega, Jorge Ronquillo, Dayna Mitchell, Latasha Jamal, Anjelica Juarez.

Meeting #7

  • Meeting #7 update coming soon. 

    The meeting can be viewed in its entirety on the AUSD YouTube Channel.



  • 1. Understand the "WHY" behind the reorganization

    • Maximize programs and options for students
    • Maximize the capacity of our sites

    2. Understand the pieces of the reorganization models

    • Each model will include the following pieces:

              1. The Model

                -What is it?

              2. Potential implementation plans

                -How does it work in the next five years?

              3. Potential Programmatic Drawbacks

              4. Potential Programmatic Benefits

              5. Support Staff Implications

              6. Economic Implications 


Meeting Summaries