Past School Reorganization Updates

  • November 17, 2022

    Posted by AUSD Communications on 11/17/2022

    Last week, the AHS Mascot Committee met for the last time. The committee previously decided upon the Jaguar as the new Azusa High Mascot and spent the last meeting brainstorming things they would not want to see in the new Mascot. For example, the committee decided they would not want a mascot that looks cartoonish or has any kind of Aztec insignia on it. After Thanksgiving break, a survey will go out to the entire community, offering everyone the chance to have input on what the mascot could look like and represent. 

    We are moving forward with plans to determine the use of AUSD’s surplus properties. Applications are currently open for those interested in being part of the committee. The committee's duties include:

    • Review pertinent information to determine amount of surplus space

    • Facilitate a public hearing for community input

    • Develop recommendations for use of the property in a final report

    • Attend public committee meetings on a monthly basis;

    • Review attendance data, property details, and other pertinent information to determine the amount of surplus space in the District;

    • Facilitate a public hearing for community input during a public meeting;

    • Develop recommendations for use of the property(ies) in a final Committee report that will be presented to the Board of Education.

    Those interested can learn more and apply on our website. Hard copies of the application are available at the District Office. 

    In other School Reorganization news, we are moving forward with plans for the path of travel between Azusa High School and Foothill (Azusa High School - East). We are looking forward to making progress on a safe path of travel for our students. Our Ed Services team is working with Think Together in reviewing MOUs and state grants to evaluate the ability to shift those funds to provide services at our new sites.

    In addition, AHS and GHS ASB teachers, student representatives, and site admin from GHS met to develop collaboration between ASBs to lead listening campaigns at their respective sites on the subject of the merger. They also discussed ways that students in ASB can start to bridge their ASB cultures through small collaborative activities like a secret santa or other holiday events. We are excited to continue working with the Western Justice Center (WJC) at our secondary schools. Working with WJC, we are in the process of planning activities for peacebuilding and community building as our high schools combine. Also, we were given the good news that Gladstone Middle School will continue to have a Well-Being Center next year.

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  • AHS Mascot Decision

    Posted by AUSD Communications on 11/7/2022 3:00:00 PM

    The Azusa High mascot committee has been meeting since September 28, 2022. The committee is a combination of alumni, current high school students, parents, teachers, and staff. Together, the committee agreed that their intention was to choose a mascot that respectfully unifies Gladstone and Azusa high students, is culturally appropriate, and offers a sense of belonging and representation. Also, a mascot that students can be proud of, honoring the current Aztec name, culture, and our native Tongva Gabrielino brothers and sisters.

    The committee agreed to be transparent, vulnerable, and honest to agree on a mascot that united all people. The committee came to the last few meetings with mascot ideas to present and discuss, never losing the original intention for unity and respect for the past, the present, and the future generations of students to walk and learn through our only high school in Azusa. 

    Special thanks to AUSD Superintendent Arturo Ortega and Jessica Wong from Azusa Pacific University for facilitating, truly respecting, and allowing the space for discussion, always with the clear intention of doing what is best for the students and families of Azusa. 

    The committee is proud to announce Azusa High School to be the home of Jaguar. The jaguar, more than a mascot, is a revered symbol in many cultures as its characteristics represent courage, confidence, leadership, and wisdom. Jaguars rule the wild they inhabit due to their strength, speed, agility, and fearlessness. We hope that the jaguar will bring unity, pride, and school spirit to our students and community. 

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  • November 7, 2022

    Posted by AUSD Communications on 11/7/2022

    School Reorganization Update

    We’ve made some progress on School Reorganization planning in the last few weeks. At the high school level, the Azusa High School Mascot Committee voted on a final mascot decision for AHS. The new AHS mascot will be a Jaguar. The committee will meet again on November 7, 2022, at 6:00 PM to discuss what the mascot might look like and represent. MOT is working with staff to determine what the facility needs are for Life Skills at AHS next year. In addition, plans are underway for parent workshops with community liaisons and community schools personnel that will be advertised at AHS and GHS for parents to learn about meeting college requirements at AHS.

    At the middle school level, spots are secured for AVID summer training and WEB summer training. This week, we are meeting with the Department of Public Health about the possibility of having a Wellbeing Center at Gladstone Middle School.

    Districtwide plans are moving forward with Power Furniture, a moving company, to assist with moving classrooms and equipment this summer. Also, work has begun on the security camera project, which will see perimeter cameras installed on all campuses. Lee is now complete, and Dalton and Hodge are up next. 

    Planning for school reorganization has been a monumental effort. I am extremely thankful for the AUSD staff coming together to contribute ideas, brainstorm, and partner on all aspects of the reorganization. 

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  • October 2022

    Posted by AUSD Communications on 11/7/2022
    • Our asphalt repair program is underway, with Dalton being the first site to have asphalt work completed. Paramount and part of Gladstone are next. The project is ongoing until January, with 3-4 sites each month. In addition to parking lot work, this also includes striping the playground blacktops with lines for basketball courts, volleyball courts, etc.

    • On October 12, 2022, we held a Student Advisory Council meeting. A part of the meeting was facilitated by the students who also sit on the Azusa High School Mascot Committee. They did a great job of soliciting feedback and ideas from the students. Their intent is to take that voice and share it at the Azusa High School Mascot Committee meeting.

    • Last Week, business services received a quote for the installation of playground equipment at elementary school sites. This process will continue as the purchase and installation are planned.

    • Work is being done on what electives would be offered at the 6th-grade level, including the 6th Grade wheel, STEM offerings, and AVID. Also, looking at the 7th and 8th Grade offerings that include STEM, AVID, College and Career Lab, and Studio 26.

    • Working on tying WEB in with the Leadership class, to name it USB (Universal Student Body). This will ensure that all of the Leadership students are participating in WEB as well.

    • Initial contact has been made with the San Gabriel Valley Middle School Sports League to discuss the process of Gladstone Middle School joining the league.

    • The Ed Services team visited GHS classrooms running programs with equipment that need to be moved in preparation for School Reorganization.

    • Reviewing section counts for all high school departments for the 2023-2024 school year.

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