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Take the HiSET for Free!!


Do you lack a high school diploma?
Are you ready to take the first step toward expanding your opportunities for college or a better career?
The Azusa Adult Education Center can help you on your journey to earning your high school equivalency credential by passing the HiSET ® exam for FREE!

Simply follow the following steps:

  1. Take a CASAS Pre- Test
  2. Enroll in HiSET Test Prep Class in English or Spanish
  3. Attend 40 or more hours in class
  4. Take a CASAS Post- Test

AAEC is an official testing center for HiSET exam. AAEC will pay the first battery of tests for those students who complete the 40 + class time. Students are given 12 months and 3 times each to pass all 5 subjects. CASAS Pre and Post test required. It is the students' responsibility to pay for those tests that were not successfully passed during the allocated time. 


HiSET consists of 5 subtests, which are available in both English and Spanish: Reading, Mathematics, Science, Writing, and Social Studies. 

Test Fees:   

$105 for all five sub tests + one-time state fee

For more information, please contact us @ (626) 852-8400