Welcome to our Virtual Back to School Night (Click Here for More)

Welcome, bienvenidos parents y padres


This special Back to School section of the website has been designed to help families find information about Gladstone teachers and programs. To the right of the website parents and guardians will see department folders that have teacher presentations and videos about classes. 


We also hope parents view the GHS counselor information, and view the presentations from Think Together. 


Lastly, GHS teachers are available from 6:30 to 7:55pm for question and answer regarding their presentations. They are not avaialbe for individual conferences at this time, but if you want to make an appointment for a conference, please email them.


Here are our awesome teachers by department so you can find their class information in the right Google folder.


Special Education and VI   Math
Alvarez, Hilda   Baly, Eileen
Calderon, Christy   Lowery, James
Flores, Daisy   Mosca, Minerva
Garcia, JD   Roberts, Juliette
Najera, Jackie   Santistevan, Julie
Tressel, Ron   Velasco, Aracely
Viramontes, Briana / Lynn Reyes   Ortiz, Jonathan
Waddoups, Katherine    
Bush, Erin   History
    Casanave, Anne
English   Castillo, Karla
Crawford, Cindy (ELD)   Sanchez, Irene
Rene Aguirre   Fabian. Oscar
Elliott, Darla   Zamora, Alfred
Infante-Sanchez, Daniel (ASB)    
Labrado, Frieda   Visual and Performing Arts
Parmar, Niru   Clavesilla, Jade
Poole, Jessica   O'Brien, Brodie
Wall, Lauren   Perdomo, Teri
Payne, Lorissa   Ma, Jason
Science   Heather Neal (yearbook)
Dolter, Doug   Darla Eliott (Drama)
Hart, Ron    
Rodgers, Edna   Physical Education
Rodgers, Randall   Clarke, Ted
    Sanchez, Albert
    Low, Angelique
Career Pathways and ROTC    
Aguirre, Jennie    
Guerra, Mario   World Languages
Hague, Jim   Crawford, Cindy
Herbert, Marvin / Henry Granados   Martinez, Susana
Deryl Jackson   Mota, Yesenia
Irma Gonzalez-Marrufo   Neal, Heather
Counseling and Psychologist
  Cindy Crawford
Jenee Corum   Daisy Flores
Joyce De Leon   Eileen Baly 
Laura Ortiz    
     Intervention Teachers
Silvia Cervantes-Juarez   Alondra Morton
    Ariana Martinez 


 Thank you so much for attending!