Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

The contacts provided here are the recommended starting points for accessing mental health services. The process to initiate and access clinical mental health treatment may vary depending on health insurance providers and the availability of services. Sometimes working with multiple agencies and health insurance can be frustrating when you’re trying to help a child get needed mental health supports. We encourage you to not give up, continue to advocate for your child and be patient with mental health providers as they work to address your needs as quickly and effectively as they’re able.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 800-273-8255

Crisis Textline by texting TALK to 74171

"Teens Helping Teens" 
6:00pm - 10:00pm pst - 7 days
Toll-Free Inside California

Los Angeles County
Department of Mental Health

Hotline - 24 hours / 7 days

Preventing Youth Suicide Fact Sheet 

Tips for Parents and Educators